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I've been making money in the small-cap market for well over a dozen years, making countless stock picks and giving my subscribers infinite opportunity for tremendous returns. Subscribers to my Stock Beats newsletter move past the noise of the broader market and tune into the harmony of my small-cap picks, all aimed at beating hum drum market returns.


Stocks Beats has made stock picks that gave subscribers the opportunity to trade for quick profits and often, substantial long-term capital gains. My strategy is to do the footwork to make sure the companies featured in Stock Beats possess the elements to spike shareholder value to new levels.



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If you're familiar with the small-cap space, you know that unpolished diamonds are hard to come by. Each Stock Beats issue highlights undiscovered small-cap companies on track to breakout out of its trading range and consistently establish new highs. What makes Stock Beats different is that I get really passionate about the companies I call "Super Picks."


I usually spend a lot of time on these companies, identifying what makes them tick and what will be the impetus for them to break away from the crowd. I'm so confident when I release a Super Pick that I never take a position in the stock until after its been released to my subscribers. When I make a Super Pick, I'm already convinced where the stock is headed, and a few points move won't impact my overall gains because I believe there's still enormous upside in the stock.


The market is a gamble, but with fresh trading ideas, investment highlights and carefully chosen stock picks, Stock Beats puts its subscribers ahead of the game to find the best small-cap trades in the market.


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Due to the significant efforts I devote to these companies, I can only pick a few companies a year that I feel meet the criteria of a "Super Pick." I'll also have other trades for you to earn quick profits and offer trading strategies that could make you a lot of money.


My next stock pick will be coming out soon and while I can't guarantee where it's going, I think this one could be my biggest winner ever!


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